Wetterlings Compact Hatchet ''Buddy'' #104

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SA Wetterlings are one of the few "proper" Worldwide Axe producers left. They produce very high quality, hand forged products with unbelievable cutting edges made from top quality Swedish steel. SA Wetterlings Axes are impeccable quality and we highly recommend them as they are simply producing some of the best designs on the market today.

The "Buddy" or Compact Hatchet is the smallest of all Wetterlings Axes. It makes a great pack axes when weight and space are at a premium and is extremely well suited for woodcarving or to use instead of a large knife. Thanks to the shape of the head it also is functional for splitting smaller chunks of wood.

It’s compact design and lightweight makes it easy to carry – in your belt, in the backpack or your toolbox. This axe is fitted with a high quality hickory handle and comes with a leather sheath.


  • Total weight 0.7 kg
  • Total length 26 cm (10″)
  • Face: 7 cm (2 3/4″)
  • Product number 104
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