The Landscape Hunter Collection

Armed with an insatiable thirst for adventure, Thomas Ferreira a.k.a. The Landscape Hunter is one of the founding members of Just Like Papa. When he’s not at the shop making sure Davide isn’t burning the place down, you’ll find him (probably not, though) adventuring somewhere in the great unknown, hunting for landscapes to photograph.

Having travelled to some of the most remote parts of the world in search of the perfect shot, he has often had to put his gear to the ultimate test in the roughest terrains and some pretty hairy situations.  Busted fuel pump chasing dunes in the Namibian Desert - check; Stuck in a Karoo snowstorm in below zero temperature - check;  Surviving under a collapsed tent through a torrential storm in Patagonia - check.

And what do they all have in common? The gear that got him through it.
(Or didn’t. But that gear is dead to us and certainly not featured below.)