Stealth Electric Bikes B-52

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Where bespoke, handcrafted design and world-leading e-bike technology intersect, you’ll find Stealth Electric Bikes.

Engineered in Australia and shipped globally from our Melbourne hangar, Stealth has forged an unmatched reputation for power and performance, earning praise from e-bike aficionados worldwide, and reinforcing a peerless pedigree.

Robust and ready to rail your most brutal local trail, a Stealth Electric Bike can also propel you back to the top, with up to 5.2kW of seamless, low-maintenance and low-impact hybrid-electrical output.

For mountain bikers seeking thrills of a new dimension, and motocross riders looking to turn their trail riding versatility up to eleven, Stealth Electric Bikes offer the prestige, precision and performance to revolutionise your riding experience.

If you’re ready to fly under the radar, then get charged-up and book your test ride now.


STEALTH B-52 MRP Groove Duro Razorback MT5

B-52 stands at the forefront of the Stealth range, offering pilots a world-beating, all-terrain experience, ramped up by the 5.2kW electrical motor, which is paired with traditional pedal power.

A real-world synthesis of motocross capabilities and mountain bike dynamics, the B-52 holds a global reputation as one of the finest electric bicycles ever made, maintaining its pedigree through unsurpassed durability and bombproof construction.

The B-52 best suited to open, faster flowing trails where high speed is a priority.

The Duro Razorback offers excellent traction in loose and muddy terrain. The aggressive knobby tread pattern allows riders to attack the harshest trails at high speed with confidence and accuracy.

The Magura MT5 is designed to deliver outstanding performance in a wide range of conditions. The adjustable lever reach and ergonomic-matched 2-finger brake lever allows for as much brake power as you need.
The standard issue 8”, DNM USD-8 forks soak up unforgiving hits with ease. Compression and rebound adjustments can be made on the fly, allowing for precise tuning whether on the smoothest roads or the harshest landings.

Constructed from aircraft certified CrMo alloys, the monocoque frame displays exceptional torsional rigidity under the most extreme loading conditions. The battery fastening system allows for easy battery change overs for those who want to extend their ride.

The DC-1’s unique trip computer is the brains behind each model of the Stealth range. At a glance, the rider gains immediate status of speed, battery usage, and power output. The DC-1 monitors system temperatures and drive train performance in order to optimize power output and range.

Smooth and predictable engine like braking is activated by simply pressing and holding the regen button. Using the regen on long down hill runs reduces brake pad wear by converting kinetic energy to electricity, which is then fed back to the battery, extending the bike’s range.

The direct drive brushless DC hub motor has only one moving part guaranteeing low maintenance and running costs. Traction, reliability and efficiency is optimized through this advanced design producing virtually no sound emission.


Top Speed 80km/h (50mph)

Range Up to 80 km (50miles)

Peak Power 5,200 Watts


Motor Type: Brushless DC

Battery Type: Li-Ion

Battery Capacity: 2 kWh

Recharge Time: 2 hours

Charge: Standard 240V / 110V

Transmission 9 speed sequential gearbox


Front: 200mm

Rear: 250mm


Front & Rear: 203 mm


Weight 54kg (119lbs)


Cost: Less than $0.01/km

Zero Emission


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