About us

‘Just Like Papa’ is a concept born of a love for adventure and a deeply rooted passion for self-reliance. It embraces taking on projects done by hand - Whether on your own or with the help of someone who has done it before.

It’s about fixing things. It’s about making things. It’s about getting your hands dirty the way your granddad did. It’s the flick of a knife, the strike of a match, a change of a tyre. It’s lacing up the old boots, without dusting them off and shouting ‘timber’ instead of buying the wood. It’s bringing tales of the great outdoors back to the city, but more importantly, having all the tools necessary to make life in the city feel more like the great outdoors.

It’s practical and uncomplicated. It’s every day being an opportunity for a new, kickass
adventure - No matter where. No matter when. No matter how big or small.

It’s about choosing the lifestyle. And then totally owning it.