Mühle Leather Strop Compact Paddle with Handle

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Shaving with a straight razor? Then this two-sided Paddle Razor Strop is a must-have to keep your blades in tip-top condition. 

Paddle strops differs from hanging strops by the fact that they are solid and inflexible, taking tension technique issues that you'd get with a hanging strop out of the picture. 

This paddle enables the use of Green Honing Razor Paste on one side of the paddle to help remove a half dull razor edge.The Green Honing Paste is the coarsest with a particle size averaging 6 microns and should only be used on a very dull edge. This is suitable for the green side of the strop only, as it has a strong sharpening effect. and should be applied with a cotton cloth. 

One green Dovo razor paste from Solingen, is included to help remove a half dull razor edge. Lay your paddle strop on the green side, and apply paste to your paddle with a cotton cloth. Allow to dry for 12-24 hours before use. 

1 x Tube Green Dovo Razor Paste

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